3.26 Generate e-Invoice (Albania only)

Connection URL

TEST URL  http://nap.dev.icash.bg/clientapi/v1/generate-einvoice
PRODUCTION URL  https://v1.icash.al/clientapi/v1/generate-einvoice



Param Description Field type Required
api_key API Key String YES
nonce Nonce Integer YES
signature Signature String YES
ses Session indentificator String YES
OperationID Operation ID integer YES
DocumentAlbaniaFiscNum FiscNum String
EinvoiceType Type  Integer YES
BusinessProcessType Type string YES


JSON response on success

Param Description Field type Required
nonce Nonce from request Integer
status Request status Integer

1 – successful

data EIC & ServerError if return of the central system structure



    „nonce“: „1553078075“,
    „status“: 1,
        „data“: {
      „einvoice“: {



JSON response on unsuccess

Param Description Field type Required
nonce Nonce from request Integer YES
status Request status Integer

0 – unsuccess request

error_message Error Description String YES



    „nonce“: „1553077168“,
    „status“: 0,
    „error_message“: „Wrong value for OperationID“




Type Description
380 Commercial invoice
80 Debit note related to goods or services
82 Metered services invoice
84 Debit note related to financial adjustments
383 Debit note
386 Prepayment invoice
393 Factored invoice
395 Consignment invoice
575 Insurer’s invoice
623 Forwarder’s invoice
780 Freight invoice
385 Consolidated invoice
389 Self-billed invoice
388 Tax invoice
381 Credit note
81 Credit note related to goods
83 Credit note related to financial adjustments
396 Factored credit note
532 Forwarder’s credit note
384 Corrective Invoice



Type Description
P1 Invoicing the supply of goods and services ordered on a contract basis
P2 Periodic invoicing of contract-based delivery
P3 Invoicing delivery over unforeseen orders
P4 Advance Payment
P5 Spot payment
P6 Payment before delivery on the based on a purchase order
P7 Invoices with reference to a dispatch note
P8 Invoices with reference to dispatch and receipt
P9 Approval or Negative Invoicing
P10 Corrective Invoicing
P11 Partial and final invoicing
P12 Self-invoicing

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