8.7.3. Methods

  1. Login
  2. List of fiscal devices
  3. List of objects
  4. User list
  5. List of tax groups
  6. List of payment methods
  7. List of units of measurement
  8. Add / edit counterparty
  9. List of contractors
  10. Add / edit an item
  11. Setting a price, etc. item parameters for a specific object
  12. List of items
  13. Opening a new transaction (sale or reversal)
  14. Read operation
  15. Add an item (line) to an operation
  16. Delete an item (line) from an operation
  17. Set a discount on the operation
  18. Completion (printing) of an operation
  19. Add payment per transaction
  20. List of operations
  21. List of documents (invoices, credit and debit notices)
  22. Reading a document
  23. Availability of an item

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