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What is I-CASH?
I-CASH is a cloud-based trading software that consists of two modules: 1. An online application that you can access from anywhere where you will find all of the reports of the commercial transactions 2. Point of sales - an application running on Windows and Android that connects to a cash register.
How is it works?
The system performs a continuous two-way communication. Any changes to the nomenclatures that are made on the Web Part are immediately reflected in the point of sales. And vice versa: every sale at POS is uploaded to the Web. This way, you can manage your warehouse remotely by entering supplies, making revisions, and tracking sales in stores directly from your phone or laptop at home.
Who is using
The program is retail-oriented and is designed to:      1. Stores for food and non-food goods      2. Restaurants and fast food restaurants      3. Commercial Offices      4. Warehouses and retail stores      5. Jewelry stores      6. Fitness clubs      7. Mobile Traders
How much does cost per month?
Possible lowest cost in the commercial software market. Please check the price list of the site. If you choose an annual subscription - the price per month falls by almost 50%.
How to pay?
The software is on a subscription plan. It is not bought. You can see the prices on the site. You have the opportunity to pay a month for a month or pay for one year subscription to I-CASH. On the site you can find the bank account of the company or pay in cash at the cash desk in our office.
I have a problem with the connection between the devices, what should I do?
1. Check the connection with peripherals; 1.1. Check that the cash register is in PC mode; 1.2. Whether the cables have a defect that interferes with communication; 2. Check the internet connection - the button at the bottom left of point of sales will display information about the version of the operating system program and whether the device has an Internet connection; 3. Restart the program; 4. Restart the devices
How do I log in?
Select the LOG IN field from the home page and enter the access details you received in the e-mail.
What plan to choose?
The software comes with three plans. On the site you can see what each one gives access to. Pro Package contains all the features of the Start Package plus several modules specifically designed for customers in the restaurant industry. In Pro Pro you also gain access to batch production and handling. Inv package gives access only to sales without stock.
Which devices can I connect to I-CASH?
The software was developed for Daisy Tech Inc. and tested with devices offered byDaisy Tech Inc. You can find a list of these devices on the site. Communication with Datecs Ltd. products has been developed. We are preparing a connection with the most used devices in Bulgaria.
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