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Мobile cash registers

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Daisy Compact М

Daisy Compact M is a mobile cash register with state-of-the-art innovative design. It features an easy paper load system, ergonomic keyboard, large graphic operator and customer displays and Bluetooth. Its compact size, built-in GPRS terminal, built-in antenna and long-lasting battery make it suitable for all types of businesses and courier services.


ZIT B30 is a cash register with an elegant design, and the comfortable keyboard makes it easy to operate. The model has a large operator display and a backlit customer display. You can charge it from any device equipped with a USB interface. Other types of communication interface are: RS 232, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS.

You can connect it simultaneously to: computer, electronic scale and barcode scanner (has 3x RS 232 ports). This makes it very suitable for use in retail outlets offering fast moving consumer goods.

ZIT B30 is suitable for commercial software – such as I-Cash. And the Bluetooth connection makes the cash register great for use by mobile retailers. If you are using I-Cash and are looking for a cash register model for delivery trade, ZIT B30 is suitable for you. All you have to do is connect the fiscal device to another using a Bluetooth connection and Android (tablet, smartphone) and operate wherever you are

Daisy Compact S

Cash register Daisy Compact S is extremely small. It has an ergonomic keyboard, always built-in battery and Bluetooth and it lights only 300 g. This makes it suitable for different types of businesses and courier services.